Latest Versions Of NgRx v14 & v15 - AiA 367

In this episode, I discuss the latest versions of NgRx v14 and v15, and how to use them in Angular applications. I also discuss future features promised by the NgRx team.

Change Detection Method in Angular - AiA 359

In this episode, I discuss the ability to turn off change detection for certain components and still enjoy "automatic" change detection with JS Proxies and the new Angular "inject" function, it's downsides and use cases

The Problems with the Angular Test-Bed ft. Georgi Parlakov - AiA 334

With Georgi Parlakov as guest, we discussed situations when developers can bypass using the TestBed module for unit testing, and the approach he developed for unit testing in Angular.

TypeScript Mixins - AiA 327

This time we conducted a panel discussion and I presented the topic of Mixins - function that return classes to share functionality - and how they can be used in Angular development

All Things TypeScript ft. Wycliffe Maina - AiA 326

With Maina Wycliffe as guest, we discusses TypeScript advanced topics like utility types, type narrowing, how type inference works and more. I participated as host

RxJS Best Practices in Angular ft. Tomas Trajan - AiA 324

With Tomas Trajan as a guest we discussed best practices for using RxJS in Angular applications, and also some interesting tricks and approaches for NgRx/RxJS. I participated as a panelist

Power Up Angular with RXjs with Armen Vardanyan - AiA 308

This was my very first podcast episode ever. I was a guest on the Adventures in Angular podcast and we discussed RxJS and how to use it in Angular applications. It went well, so later Charles invitied me to be a panelist on the show.