Public Talks

Signalling a new future for AngularAt DevFest Yerevan 2023 I talked in depth about signals in Angular (v16), why we need them, what are they going to change, how to use them, and long-awaited future developments like zoneless applications (talk in English)#angularThe Future of AngularDuring the JSSummit Armenia 2023 I talked at length about recent changes in Angular (v14 and v15), upcoming new features like signals (v16) and a future for the framework beyond that (talk in Armenian)#angularWhy you should definitely use NgRx?During the JSConf Armenia 2021 I had a talk about using NgRx in Angular applications, how to add NgRx to an existing Angular app, what are the pros and cons of state management, what are the core important concepts and why I think NgRx can be a good solution for lots of developers (talk in Armenian)#angular#ngrxAngular Sussex 2022-01-26 Do you refactor? - Tom White and guest Armen Vardanyan GDEOn this episode of the Angular Sussex online meetup we discussed different approaches to refactoring Angular codebases, I presented some ideas from my article on the topic, and we also discussed and suggested other ideas and strategies for massive (and not so much) changes in codebases#angularFunctional Programming and NgRx (ngYerevan + Angular World Tour)This year we organized the second instalment for the very first Armenia based Angular meetup - this time joined by Angular World Tour. I was the host and also a speaker, presenting about usage of Functional Programming with NgRx, core concepts important for writing better code, and interesting techniques #angular#rxjsNG Meetup YerevanIn June 2021 we launched the very first installment of NG Meetup Yerevan - first Angular meetup in Armenia, with a special guest: Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen#angular#rxjsAngular + Web ComponentsIn this talk, I elaborate n how we can convert ordinary Angular components into Web Components and use them in any applation (talk in Armenian)